This game is a project realized for the Weekly Hour Game Jam with the theme : Water sustainability (Durabilité de l'eau in french ??!! ouch ;-))

It was made on pico-8 in about one hour.

It's very very simple game but for my first 1hour-coding-game it was enough hard to perform it ;-)

"Water sustainability" wasn't so evocating for me, I tought about the third states of water (steam, liquid and ice) and choose to deal with that.

Keys to use :

Left and Right arrow to go left and right ! I know I am so creative sometimes !

and Up and Down arrow to change the player's color !

Your goal is to take the more stuff falling. You earn 1 point per item if you use the good color suit. (Blue for the drop, withe for the cube and pink for the steam ... ). If you can't reach the falling item at time or not use the good color suit you... LOST !!!

I don't have enough time to implement :

  • life system
  • accelerating speed of falling more the game is progressing
  • other falling item with some bonus, or malus ....

Made withPICO-8


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Great game! Good mechanism and congrats for the P8!

Thank's Koltes for your encouraging post ! And thank's as well to organize this so sparkling mind jam !!

If you're in Paris, come by to the upcoming exhibitions! (Feb 18 and March 1st)

Pretty cool, took like 10 seconds to know how to play properly, very good submit :D


Thank you ! Only one hour it's damned hard to submit something, at least, clean and playable ! Very godd exercice ! Very curious to try this format another time .