To play SIMSTER, you had just to be attentive at the sequence Sim (the hamster) is showing to you...

Each turn, Sim enlight some of the energy square. At your turn, you had to click on the same energy square.

If you go wrong you've stop. If your right you've earn 1 point and the game continue...

SIMSTER is a game done in about 2 hour (1 for the code, 1 for the sprite) for the Weekly hour gam jam with the theme : electricity generation.

I used Phaser and at first I wanted to implement a Simon's like game but as I am newbie on Phaser and according to the delay I wanted to respect, I lost my battle againt Time managing in Phaser... I change my idea to implement the one you can play with, more simpler to develop.


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I love this game, it has very cool graphics and a funny concept. Congrats