You've got 1 minute to play !

You juste have 2 buttons :

  • if the new card is the same of the old one click the "equal button" (=)
  • if not click the "différent button"


I made this game for the WHGJ with the following theme : Jasmin Tea.

As the Jasmine Tea, and his most important part : the green Tea's got so much benefits to their drinker. I decided to test and train the memory of the player.


But as I am a rebel (hum hum ), I spend more than one hour working on this game.

To draw my lovely (hum, hum...) flower, and others bag tea or chinese ideogram I spend at least,allready, one hour ... and for the coding of the game I cheat consciously... I follow different tutos to discover a new framework.

So it's an rebel delivery ;-) Anyway I really oblige myself to deliver each sunday ... so It's done... in a rebel way but it's done. All my appologizes ;-)

Made withPhaser
Tagshtml5, memory

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