Use the arrows key to help birdy to search wormy !

I develop this game in about on hour for the WHGJ#12.

I wanted to make a halo-light to search for an hidden something moving ... If I had more time, I will :

  • animate the halo in the cases around the full lighting one at the center.
    I really want to try this ... so I will ;-)
    For the moment, it seem that the bird sprite background was rounded yellow .. but in fact, each case was managing separatly ... and for exemple, the 4 orthoganal case around the one full light of te bird, was a little bit lightening ... so you can see the worm if he is on one of these...
  • add some randomize bonus to see clue of the position of the worm for 1 or 2 sec for eeg...
  • ...

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